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Extra Samsung software aside, the overall interface isn’t really any different to what you’ll find on the S3. You’ll find six homescreens, on which you can pop down your apps and live widgets. There are four app icons along the bottom that remain there no matter which homescreen you’re on in order to provide quick access to your most used apps.

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Android interface isn’t really any different to the interface on the S3.

To lay a new widget down, you can either press and hold on a homescreen to bring up a menu, or go into the app list where you’ll see a widget tab. These multiple ways of performing the same task is quite common across Samsung’s phones and isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Samsung Galaxy S4
There are two different ways to put down new widgets. It’s up to you to find out which is best.

Samsung bundles its phones with its own Web browser and email clients, while pushing its own curated app stores to the front. As an Android phone though, the handset also comes with a Chrome browser, Gmail and of course the Google Play store, meaning you’ll find multiple options for one tool on board as standard.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Two browsers, email clients and app stores are installed as standard. This phone is far from simple.

For hardened tech addicts among you that isn’t likely to be a problem. Those of you wanting a simple, elegant interface that lets you perform the essential tasks without any fuss might not be too happy though. Elsewhere, the interface isn’t any easier to comprehend.

Samsung Galaxy S4
There are now so many phone and software settings that Samsung has had to split the menu into three distinct tabs.

The pull-down notifications bar houses quick-access settings that expands into a list of 20 settings for a multitude features. Some of them are obvious — Bluetooth, mute — but some of the keys are likely to be as confusing as the inside of a jumbo jet’s cockpit. Without poring over the manual, how are you supposed to know what turning off the ‘Sync’ button will do? What am I syncing? And where to?

Samsung Galaxy S4
There are 20 different settings in the quick access menu. That’s confusing even for a smart phone veteran.

Jumping into the settings menu, you’ll see that Samsung has so many individual settings, it’s had to split the menu into three distinct tabs. Changing crucial settings now means finding exactly where Samsung has stored it. Want to change the date and time? That’s now under ‘More’, of course. It would have been too easy to put it in ‘My device’.

If you uninstall apps you don’t want and don’t play around with settings too much, you can make the S4 a lot easier to use on a day-to-day basis. If you prefer the out of the box simplicity of the iPhone though, you may well find yourself overwhelmed by the wealth of options open to you. I don’t recommend you play around with the settings tabs too much either — you may accidentally turn off something crucial and wonder why you can’t connect to the Internet.

The appeal of Android to many, though, is the ability to customise nearly everything the phone can do. If that’s you, you’ll find the S4 fun to operate and it’ll cater well to your tinkering tendencies.

If you want a more straightforward experience, you’d be better off looking at the iPhone or Windows Phone 8 on the Nokia Lumia 920. Even the new HTC Sense on the One is easier to get to grips with.

Level 1: The Casual Couponer

This is where many people find themselves today. Most of the time, a person will pay for a whole cart full of groceries while handing over less than 10 coupons. They end up normally saving a few bucks off the entire order. In the simple example of the Chex Mix coupon I have, I could walk into a grocery store or drug store and find the Chex Mix for $2.99 and hand them my coupon, allowing me to spend $2.44 after the 55 cents in savings.

Savings: Minimal

Level 2: The Generic Brand Store Shopper

Many people also find themselves in this category. They’ve figured out that they could save more money overall if they buy the generic brand over the name brand even if a coupon was used on the name brand. By doing all their shopping solely for generic brands, they can easily save $200-$300 per month without clipping a single coupon. I can save more than $0.55 on my snack run if I throw the coupon out and buy Generic Mix at $1.49 a bag. In this example, the Generic Mix costs me $1.49 and saves me $1.50, a significantly better deal than if I were a Level 1 Couponer.

The problem for me here is that I prefer the name brand over the generic – it just tastes different to me. So are you out of luck if you’re in the same boat as me and prefer name brands? Don’t worry because there are still 2 levels left to go.

Savings: Good

Level 3: The Coupon Deal Shopper

Believe it or not, when the circumstances are just right, people can save even more money buying the name brand stuff than the generic brands. Items frequently go on sale, and when they do, the Coupon Deal Shopper capitalizes on the opportunity. They’ll combine a store sale with a manufacturer’s coupon, and get the item for pennies or even for free.

You know what happens when you align the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon all in a line? You get a solar or lunar eclipse, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Coupon Deal Shopper does. They set up little eclipses all over the place at different stores and walk away with items for pennies on the dollar. So if I wait for a sale, I can save even more money than buying generic.

For example, I happen to know that Walgreens frequently puts Chex Mix on sale for $0.99 approximately once a month. During this sale week, if I walked in there with my $0.55 cent coupon, I’ll pick up the item for $0.44 instead of $2.44 on a $2.99 item. That’s an 85% savings and way better than buying the Generic Mix!

The Coupon Deal Shopper saves 70% to 95% on everything they buy, because they follow two rules:

  1. Don’t buy it if it’s not on sale.
  2. Combine the sale with a coupon.

Saving at this level requires a little bit of effort. You must clip and organize your coupons, and be patient. By spending about 2-3 hours per week, you can save 70-95% on everything you buy at the grocery store and the drug store. Can’t do better than that, right? There’s still one more level to go!

Savings: Awesome

Level 4: The Extreme Couponer

Did you know that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item? Well, you can. Did you know that you can use two coupons on a buy-one-get-one-free sale? Well, you can.

Setting up bigger and better deals is what the Extreme Couponer does. They take the same measures as the Coupon Deal Shopper but then they look for multiple deals. Why get just one deal when you can get three or four all at once? To this end, it’s not unusual for an Extreme Couponer to have 4 Sunday newspapers delivered to their home. Let me give you an example to explain why:

At my grocery store, Ken’s Steakhouse Ranch Dressing costs $3.29 for a 16 oz bottle. Sometimes it goes on sale for $1.65 per bottle. So what I do is use my four $1.00 off coupons from the Sunday newspapers during the sale, and get four bottles at $0.65 a pop. That’s how I combine two big deals at once and walk away with 80% savings multiple times. If you can get your hands on more coupons, go back in the store and do it again! The idea here is to stockpile your deals and get a lot of each item because it might be another month or so before this item goes on sale again, so buy a month or two’s worth at once.

Lastly, Extreme Couponers make good use of store coupons as well (i.e. the ones that say $5 off a $20 purchase). So you could walk into the store, buy at least $20 worth of great deals like these and take another $5 off the total. This simply makes a sweet deal even sweeter. It’s almost like you’re buying individual items in bulk at prices that are even better than buying in bulk. The ultimate savings scenario is to combine 3 types of coupons: store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and store sales all at the same time. Yup, that’s why we call this person The Extreme Couponer.


Now that you know what all the levels are, what level of couponer are you? Is it worth your time to become an Extreme Couponer to save 90-100% on everything you buy? If your answer is a resounding “Yes!”, read on for a step-by-step guide to learn the ins and outs of extreme couponing.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review of Reviews by Wireless and Mobile News

  • Most Liked Features: price, ease of use, Amazon Prime Deals, parental controls, great for families on a budget, excellent battery life and good video streaming.
  • Least-Liked Features:  lack of its own charger, web performance slower than other tablets and smudging.
  • Overall Average Ranking :  4 out of 5.
  • Networks:  Wi-Fi or AT&T 4G LTE

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is a good tablet for book readers, video streamers, parents and the budget minded.  Although it is not the fastest or the coolest it has enough features to keep family members happy. Reviewers all agreed that it is a good deal and gives buyers plenty of bang for your buck. We distilled several top reviews to give the consensus from all sides.

The Kindle Fire 8.9

The HD screen is good and most viewers won’t notice a difference from other tablets but the 19200x1200 pixel  IPS LCD is not as robust as the Nexus 10 or iPad 4. Battery life has been tested to be longer than the iPad 4 and Nexus 10 at over 7 hours

Power users who are running three or four apps at the same time while designing a new car won’t find it the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 fast enough but those who use it an entertainment device will probably be satisfied.

Buyers of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 at Amazon appear to be very happy with the product with 5 stars given by 1,976, 4 stars given by 774, 3 stars given by 456, 2 stars given by 268 and 1 star given by 287 buyers. The highest rated review was written by someone who is “new” to the tablet world who gave it high ratings for “picture,” sound, book reading, web browsing, apps and styling. It does lack a wall charger. Owners don’t notice the ads which can be turned off for an additional $15.

Free Time is loved by parents to corral the kids content and usage times. We saw a demonstration when it was announced and give parents decent control. Each kid in Amazon Free Time has his/her own profile and content area. Kindle Free Time Unlimited  is an optional extension for kids 3-8 with unlimited books, games, apps, movies and TV shows. New Kindle Fire owners get one month of Kindle Free Time Unlimited Free as well as a free month of Amazon Prime that includes a lending library and instant video streaming.

The front facing camera is mainly for video chat. Amazon cloud allows for storage. The HDMI connection worked well with a TV.

Features of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” include dual band Wi-Fi, Dolby audio. 1.5GHz dual-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, front-facing HD camera, free unlimited cloud storage and Free Super Saver shipping.

For those who want a tablet that does almost everything well the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 should suffice for now.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review costs $299 for 16GB and $369 for 32GB. Amazon sometimes drops the price for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or bundles it with other offers.

The  Kindle Fire HD 8.9” 4G LTE with special offers costs $499.99 and $49.99 a year includes 250MB of data per month for a year, averaging $4.16 per month. However it’s not enough data to watch movies, it would be enough for email and very light browsing. Or you can buy from AT&T, 3GB for $30/month plus $10 for each additional gigabyte of 3G data.

Amazon made the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 affordable by cutting the initial profit margin. However ABI Research reported on average, an incremental profit of about $3 in each month of a Kindle Fire’s lifespan to achieve an overall profit margin of 20%.

We’re working on a comparison of the iPad 2, 3, 4, Nexus 10 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9 that will be out soon  We wanted to have all the reviews ready first.  The comparison will include benchmarks and pricing.